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CJHC / TZ 1300/1600-D into the double-coated double bake production line-金沙国际网址-88128.cc

Product name:CJHC / TZ 1300/1600-D into the double-coated double bake production line
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CJMHC/TZ1300/1600-D Pretreatment and double-coating &double-firing production line
This line carries on twice paints coating and firing directly after the aluminum rolls cleaned, which raises the efficiency of the color painting. Any of the neglects, which happened in small sectors when coating may influence the quality of the products, while the most of the profits of coating comes from the qualification rates. Meanwhile, the qualification rates depend on if the designs of the equipment is perfect or not. Based on the experience of live practices for many years, we’ve summarized the measures that improve the qualification rates, which is abundantly embodied on our lines. No matter on the respect of appearance or inherent quality or maneuverability, certainly this is a set of creditable and high-grade line.